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Two Little Stars: Polaris Ab and B

Two Little Stars: Polaris Ab and B
15.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
We are two little stars that orbit the yellow supergiant Polaris! We can all be found in the constellation Ursa Minor (a/k/a Little Bear or Little Dipper).

Polaris is located almost directly above the Earth’s North Pole, so it is also called the Pole Star or the North Star. Polaris Ab orbits Polaris at a distance of about 2 billion miles . . .  roughly equal to the distance between the Sun and Uranus, but Polaris B orbits Polaris & Polaris Ab at a much greater distance  . . . 223 billion miles!

Note:  Polaris Buddy (CB029) is sold separately.


Height of Polaris Ab seated is 3 1/2" and Polaris B is 4"
All New Materials
Content: Polyester Fiber
Conforms to all US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations
Hand Made in China
Rated "0+" . . . Appropriate for children of all ages
Care: Spot clean with mild detergent and cold water, but  may be machine washed in cold water, gentle cycle, if needed.
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