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The Bender Tower

The Bender Tower
39.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
To start, build the Tower.
(3 block layers, as usual)
The players take turns. When it’s your turn, take a block without the Tower collapsing and complete the task written on it. After you’ve finished, place your block on the top of the Tower.
If the task involves subjective judgment, like
“biggest social media show-off drinks a SHOT “
it’s up to you to pick someone.
Now the important part:
If you refuse to do anything that the Tower tells you, you're OUT!
The others keep playing.
If the tower falls on your turn, GAME OVER. You have to DRINK A SHOT and FINISH YOUR LONG DRINK, then rebuild the Tower whilst the
WINNERS (remaining players) celebrate.

Do I have to use spirits as “SHOTS”?
No, you don't. Since each player will most likely drink a few "shots" during the game, we recommend that if the players decide to consume alcohol, make sure that you mix the drinks beforehand, according to the recommended daily limits: 3-4 units a day for men and 2-3 units a day for women.
Can I touch the Tower with two hands?
You can use your feet if you want to. The longer you keep the game going, the better it gets.
Can we do the same task twice?
No, you can’t. In fact, when placing the bricks on top of the tower at the end of each turn, make sure you place them by missing the middle brick on each level, so upcoming players won’t even have a chance to use them.
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