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Elliot Sigma Fun 1.6

Elliot Sigma Fun 1.6
64.95 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
A very easy and collapse-resistant beginner's parafoil. No sticks to break and nothing to assemble. This highly successful parafoil provides everything you need for a beginner-friendly 2-line kite. It is certainly also a great kite for experienced fliers: The Fun flies steady and has a huge fun factor for all ages. This kite is is known for its very good workmanship and practical bag and a minimal packing size. The Sigma Fun is your ideal travel companion. The small 1.3 is fast, but has a light pull and therefore is also perfect for children to quickly learn to kite. In stronger winds, the models 1.6 and 2.0 develop a pleasant pull and give the more experienced pilots a lot of fun.

Great beginner friendly kite
High quality kite, good workmanship
Pleasant pull in stronger winds

Afmeting in cm        165 x 54 x 10
Doek        Ripstop polyester
Niveau        Beginner - gevorderd
Trekkracht        Licht - gemiddeld
Vliegerlijnen        2x 30 m / 70 daN
Wind        2 - 6 Bft
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